Processed meats may accelerate death

Processed meats may accelerate death

  • Processed meats such as hot dogs, pepperoni, and salami have been known for their heavy content in fats.
  • A large population study shows that there are connections between processed meats and dying early.
  • The study also shows that a diet with processed meats can raise the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease.
  • According to the study, “People who ate more than 5.7 ounces (160 grams) of processed meat a day were 44 percent more likely to die within 13 years than those eating two-thirds of an ounce (20 grams) of processed meat or less daily.”
  • To make these numbers easier to understand, two sausages and one slice of bacon equal about 5.7 ounces of processed meat.
  • To make the study even more credible, results showed that the risk of an early death increased with the amount of processed meats consumed.
  • The researchers also found that red meat in moderation didn’t increase death risk: “Those who ate no more than two-thirds of an ounce (20 grams) of processed red meat daily (i.e., five ounces or 140 grams per week) showed no increase in death risk.”
  • What are considered processed meats?
  •  The authors of the study defined processed meat as red meat that is smoked, cured, salted, or red meat with added preservatives.
  • Processed meats included: bacon, pastrami, ham, salami, chorizo, hot dogs, and some sausages.
  • Red meats like beef, lamb, and pork are considered processed if there are salt or preservatives added.
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