Corn syrup is more toxic than table sugar

Corn syrup is more toxic than table sugar

Corn syrup is more toxic than table sugar

There have been many ads and debates in the media about high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). While the food industry claims that corn syrup does not cause harm, the statistics tell another story.

The average American has increased their HFCS consumption from zero to about 60 pounds per person per year. During this increase of consumption, obesity rates have tripled and the diabetes rates have increased by more than seven times.

Now, new research from the University of Utah is showing that corn syrup is more toxic than common white table sugar, in female mice. The corn syrup negatively impacted the reproduction of the animals, and also caused early death.

From a chemical point of view, corn syrup is similarly structured to sugar, but contains high fructose levels.

Manufacturers of high fructose corn syrup claim that it contains about 55 percent fructose (and 45 percent glucose). This is very similar to white sugar, which is about 50 percent each.

Tests have revealed that the fructose level in HFCS can reach as high as 65 percent,” explains Dr. Joseph Mercola, one of America’s leading physicians and health experts. It is this elevated fructose level is one piece of the explanation for why HFCS is so much worse for you than refined sugar, he adds.

This is the most robust study showing there is a difference between high-fructose corn syrup and table sugar at human-relevant doses,” says Wayne Potts, the senior author of the study showing that corn syrup is more toxic than table sugar.

As reported by Reuters: “The study showed that female mice fed a diet which contained 25 percent of calories from added fructose and glucose carbohydrates known as monosaccharides that are found in corn syrup died at a rate 1.87 times higher than female mice on a diet in which 25 percent of calories came from sucrose.

The mice on the fructose-glucose diet produced 26.4 percent fewer offspring than their counterparts on the diet containing added table sugar…

The study suggests humans, especially women, could face adverse health effects tied to consuming too much corn syrup, which is found in many processed food products…

Between 13 and 25 percent of Americans are estimated to eat diets containing 25 percent or more of calories from added sugars, according to the paper.”

According to the study authors, 42 percent of the added sugar consumed in a typical US diet comes from corn syrup. 44 percent comes from sucrose, and 14 percent from natural sweeteners like honey, fruit, etc.

High fructose consumption is in fact a primary contributor to most chronic disease states, starting with insulin resistance, which can then progress into related diseases like diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and more,” Dr. Mercola explains.

This study showing that corn syrup is more toxic than table sugar was published in the Journal of Nutrition.

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