Coconut water may fight Alzheimer’s

Coconut water may fight Alzheimer’s

Coconut water is a healthy beverage as it replenishes vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes, and rehydrates the body.

It is becoming more popular nowadays, and many see it as a healthier option to sports drinks, which may contain harmful chemicals.

Coconut water has potent brain benefits, as it increases energy in the brain and provides powerful antioxidants that may help reduce oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress is a major risk factor for many serious brain diseases, including Alzheimer’s.

It also inhibits amyloid-beta plaques, which are plaques that damage nerve cells. Because of these benefits, coconut water may fight Alzheimer’s disease.

This healthy water is able to pass through brain cells very easily. Though it contains no fatty acids, it may aid in the fight against Alzheimer’s.

While the focus on brain health has been primarily on brain structures, e.g. neurons, brain plaque, etc., little focus has been on the role of water in brain health, and particularly dehydration as a factor in chronic neurodegeneration illness,” says Sayer Ji, health expert and founder of GreenMedInfo. Coconut water may help rehydrate the brain, which could in turn increase energy production in the brain and produce cognitive improvements.

Coconut water is packed with essential nutrients for brain health including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, enyzmes, and more.

Also, coconut water contains a class of compounds called cytokinins. These are plant hormones and are believed to possess anti-aging properties. A study from the Journal of Medicinal Food showed that a cytokinin called zeatin found in coconut water may prevent the cell damaging properties of amyloid-beta plaques. The damaging effects of amyloid-beta plaques are believed to be a major risk factor in Alzheimer’s disease.

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