Chipotle removes GMOs from food

Chipotle removes GMOs from food

GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism and is defined as “an organism whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques.” The technique used to create GMOs is called recombinant DNA.

DNA molecules from different organisms are combined to create one molecule of DNA, and are then transferred to an organism, causing its genetic makeup to change. GMOs have been linked to serious health conditions, including negative reproductive system effects, food allergies, and possibly even cancer.

The major fast-food chain Chipotle has decided to remove GMOs from its food.

On April 27, 2015, the Mexican fast food restaurant announced that they will become the first restaurant chain in the United States to completely get rid of GMOs.

As written in Chipotle’s statement: “Chipotle is on a never-ending journey to source the highest quality ingredients we can find. Over the years, as we have learned more about GMOs, we’ve decided that using them in our food doesn’t align with that vision. Chipotle was the first national restaurant company to disclose the GMO ingredients in our food, and now we are the first to cook only with non-GMO ingredients.”

There is a lot of debate about genetically modified foods,” said co-CEO Steve Ells, in a statement. “Though many countries have already restricted or banned the use of GMO crops, it’s clear that a lot of research is still needed. … While that debate continues, we decided to move on non-GMO ingredients.”

However, this move does not include drinks. Most of the fountain drinks served still contain GMO ingredients. Spokesman Chris Arnold notes that Chipotle is testing a type of root beer made with Maine root, which is made with cane sugar and no GMOs.

Chipotle’s move is “a very big deal,” says Rebecca Spector, West Coast director at the Center for Food Safety. “They’re setting an example for others that GMO-free can be done.”’

In March 2013, Chipotle was the first restaurant to openly disclose the GMO ingredients that were in their food.

Ells notes that the choice to move to non-GMO ingredients did not significantly raise costs, and that the company managed to make this move without increasing prices for customers.

The full showing that Chipotle removes GMOs from their food is published on the company’s website.

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