Can a high protein breakfast help with weight loss?

Can a high protein breakfast help with weight loss?

Eating a healthy breakfast is a very important step to optimal health. Previous research has shown that protein in breakfast can prevent blood sugar spikes.

New research from the University of Missouri shows that proteins benefits in breakfast may extend further.

Can a high protein breakfast help with weight loss?

This study examined if the type of breakfast consumed can improve weight management in young people who habitually skip breakfast,” said Heather Leidy, Ph.D., an assistant professor in the Department of Nutrition and Exercise Physiology at the MU School of Medicine and lead author of the study. “Generally, people establish eating behaviors during their teen years. If teens are able to develop good eating habits now, such as eating breakfast, it’s likely to continue the rest of their lives.”

Leidy and her team fed two groups of overweight teens that reported skipping breakfast either normal protein breakfast or high protein breakfast. The third group continued to skip breakfast for three months.

The group of teens who ate high-protein breakfasts reduced their daily food intake by 400 calories and lost body fat mass, while the groups who ate normal-protein breakfast or continued to skip breakfast gained additional body fat,” Leidy said.

[pullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”#228B22″ class=”” size=”17″]”These results show that when individuals eat a high-protein breakfast, they voluntarily consume less food the rest of the day. In addition, teens who ate high-protein breakfast had more stable glucose levels than the other groups,” she added. [/pullquote]

Some great sources of breakfast proteins are chia seeds, eggs, quinoa, nut butters, and flax seeds.

The study was published in the International Journal of Obesity.

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Protein in breakfast prevents blood sugar spikes.
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