Antioxidant capacity of orange juice is multiplied tenfold

Antioxidant capacity of orange juice is multiplied tenfold

Did you know that the antioxidant capacity of orange juice and other foods might be underestimated? A new technique developed by a research team from the University of Granada shows that antioxidant capacity values are up to ten times higher than what current methods show. The results suggest that food labels with antioxidant capacity data need to be revised.

Orange juices and many other fruit and vegetable juices are considered good for health because of their antioxidants, which kill disease-causing free radicals in the body. This new study shows that antioxidants may be even more powerful than once thought.

In order to analyze these compounds, the research team used techniques that simulated digestion of food. This helped them analyze the antioxidant capacities of the liquid portions of food, which are absorbed in the small intestine.

The problem is that the antioxidant activity of the solid fraction (the fibre) isn’t measured, as it’s assumed that it isn’t beneficial. However, this insoluble fraction arrives at the large intestine and the intestinal microbiota can also ferment it and extract even more antioxidant substances, which we can assess with our new methodology,” José Ángel Rufián Henares, professor at the University of Granada, said.

His team developed the new method of measuring antioxidant capacity, which is called ‘global antioxidant response’ (GAR).

The research team found that with orange juice, the value ranges from 2.3 mmol Trolox/L (units for the antioxidant capacity) registered with a traditional technique to 23 mmol Trolox/L with the new GAR method.

The antioxidant activity is, on average, ten times higher than that which everyone thought up until now, and not just in juices, but also in any other kind of food analysed with this methodology,” highlights Rufián Henares, who notes its possible application: “This technique and the results derived from it could allow dieticians and health authorities to better establish the values of the antioxidant capacity of foods,” he adds.

The study was published in the journal Food Chemistry.

AS ALWAYS: Check with your health practitioner before you change your diet. Organic foods and drinks are not meant to replace any treatment or drugs you are taking.

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