6 great ways to reuse tea bags

6 great ways to reuse tea bags

Here are 6 great ways to reuse tea bags. Tea bags have many uses, even after they have been steeped for a warming and healing cup of tea.

Do you drink tea? Before you throw away your used tea bags, remember that healthy living is about being creative and using every resource to its full potential.

Be green and reuse your tea bags.

Let’s take a look at six great ways to reuse tea bags.

1. Marinate foods:

Herbal tea bags work great for marinating dishes.

They can help keep meat stay tender and add aromatic flavors to meals.

2. Relieve red eyes:

Soak a few used teabags in cold water for about 2 minutes. Place the tea bags on eyelids for 3 to 5  minutes to help relieve redness. Follow by adding a few drops of homeopathic saline solution.

3. Refresh clothes and shoes:

Let used teabags dry and place them in a small dish around closets to help refresh your clothes and shoes. 

4. Remedy for chapped lips:

Apply a warm bag of green tea for 5 minutes on your chapped lips. Follow up with a synthetic-free lip balm.

5. Treat acne and sunburns:

Place clean and used teabags on affected areas to help get rid of acne and relieve pain from sunburns.

6. Relieve mouth pain:

If you have wounds or sores inside your mouth, placing a clean and used teabag on the affected area can help relieve pain.

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The truth behind the teas you are drinking.


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