5 mainstream nutrition myths uncovered

5 mainstream nutrition myths uncovered

  • There are many health myths. Fortunately the truth always finds its way.
  • It is important to know your foods and understand food labels.
  • Here are five common myths and the real truth behind them that may shock you.
  • Myth #1 – Artificial sweeteners are safe alternatives to real sugar for diabetics, and help promote weight loss.
  • Many people use artificial sweeteners because they are diabetic, need to control their sugar intake, or to lose weight. The sad reality is that these artificial sweeteners are not only harmful but can actually cause weight gain. Studies show that artificial sweeteners may be worse for diabetes than real sugar. A San Antonio Heart Study showed that diet soft drinks can increase the risk of serious weight gain even more so than regular soda.
  • Myth #2 – A daily cup of milk is good for you.
  • The myth that pasteurized milk contains health benefits has been around for a while, even though there isn’t much truth to it. Health agencies don’t publicize the dangers of the growth hormones and antibiotics found in pasteurized milk. All pasteurized milk, including organic milk is changed in structure when processed, and can cause immune system problems and allergies. Important enzymes and vitamins in milk are destroyed during the pasteurizing process. The healthy alternative to pasteurized milk is raw milk.
  • Myth #3 – Eggs contain unhealthy cholesterol.
  • Eggs are often considered unhealthy,  mostly because of the myth that egg yolks increase cholesterol levels in the body. In reality, eggs are actually good for you. A study done at Yale showed that egg consumption did not cause a spike in cholesterol levels.  Make sure you buy pasture-raised eggs, because the chickens that lay these eggs are cage free, hormone free which results in healthier eggs.
  • Myth #4 – Eating fat can make you gain weight.
  • The low-fat myth has done more harm than good. This low-fat trend has increased the consumption of trans-fats, which are now well known to increase the risk of obesity, heart, disease, diabetes, and more. Eating fat does not make you fat. The main cause of weight gain is actually the consumption of too much sugar.
  • Myth #5 – Whole grains are good for everybody.
  • Whole grains for a long time have been considered very healthy because of their high levels of fiber. The truth is that all grains can elevate insulin levels, which can raise the risk of disease. Grains also contain gluten, which many people are sensitive or even allergic to. It is important to limit grains, especially if you have conditions that are related to insulin resistance.
  • For tips on how to lower cholesterol.



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