7 green crib mattresses that are safe for your baby

7 green crib mattresses that are safe for your baby

The anticipation of a new baby is a beautiful thing. Shopping for a baby can be exciting, and at the same time stressful. There is a lot to think about, including food, baby proofing materials, diapers, chairs, clothing, and so much more.

The mattress on which your baby sleeps is extremely important. There are problems with conventional mattresses, as many contain toxic chemicals such as fire retardants, plasticizers, polyurethane foam, and vinyl. These chemicals can be especially dangerous for babies, as some of them are linked to developmental problems. So buying a safe and clean mattress is an important and worthwhile investment.

Let’s take a look at the top 7 green crib mattresses for healthy babies.

1. Natural Wool Cradle Bassinet Mattress:
This is perfect for very young babies, and is made with premium organic cotton and wool batting. It contains no harmful chemicals, and the company practices sustainable methods when manufacturing. It is available on Organic Lifestyle’s website for $249.00.

2. Pure and Simple Natural Dual Firm Crib Mattress:
This natural crib mattress features a firm side for infants (as recommended by childcare experts) and a softer side for when your baby becomes a toddler. The eco-friendly mattress is made from plant-based foam. It is available on OEUF’s website for $245.00.

3. Organic Cotton Classic Seamless Crib Mattress:
It is waterproof, made from luxurious organic cotton. It also functions as a dust mite/bed bug barrier, so an additional dust mite cover is not necessary. These mattresses are thoroughly tested for chemical emissions. It is available on Naturepedic’s website for $279.00-$299.00.

4. Primrose Deluxe 2 in 1 Crib Mattress:
The inner-core of this mattress is composed 4 inches of pure coconut coir, which provides firm support for infants. There is also a 1-inch layer of latex on the other side, which is great for toddlers. The mattress is encased in organic cotton, which can be removed or replaced. It is available on Greenbuds website for $339.00.

5. Terra Nova 2.0 – Organic Rubber Crib Mattress:
It is composed of organic rubber core, providing firm support for your infant, and is encased in organic cotton cheesecloth. It has a removable cover, which is quilted with layers of organic wool and finished in organic cotton jersey. It can be found on Obasan’s website for $399.00.

6. Nook Pebble Pure Crib Mattress:
This mattress features a certified organic coconut core, layered with 1-inch of latex foam. So just like the Primrose Deluxe mattress mentioned earlier, it is a 2 in 1 and can be used for infants and toddlers. The mattress is encased in eucalyptus wrap. It can be found on Nook’s website for $395.00. It is available in 7 different colors.

7. Royal-Pedic Organic Crib Mattress:
This one is for those who have a higher budget. The highly reviewed Royal-Pedic mattress contains over 280 coils, which makes it firm and very supportive. The covering, padding, binding tape, and insulator pads are made with 100% organic cotton, and is grown without pesticides or chemical fertilization. It is available for $760.00 on TheCleanBedroom’s website.

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