The many health benefits of green onions

The many health benefits of green onions

  • Onions are a staple food in almost every kitchen and every cuisine.
  • Green onions have a milder taste than most onions.
  • They look great and also add a great flavor to dishes.
  • Let’s look at the health benefits of green onions.
  • Anti-inflammatory benefits:
  • Onions are an excellent source of a sulfur molecule called Onionin A, which inhibits the activity of the white blood cells that cause inflammation. Onions are also packed with antioxidants, the most potent being quercetin. This antioxidant also provides anti-inflammatory benefits. Controlling inflammation is key to good health because it is considered a risk factor for many chronic diseases including arthritis, heart disease, and some types of cancers.
  • Bone health:
  • Green onions may be beneficial to our bone health.
  • A study from the medical journal entitled Menopause showed that onion consumption seemed to have bone-strengthening effects in perimenopausal and postmenopausal women over 50. “Furthermore, older women who consume onions most frequently may decrease their risk of hip fracture by more than 20% versus those who never consume onions,” the study adds.
  • Candida fighter:
  • Onions have strong anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-parasitic properties. Many people who suffer from Candida experience water retention, and onions help fight these effects by flushing fluids out of the body.
  • Colon cancer:
  • Onions contain key phytochemicals including allicin. Phytochemicals help with inflammation and remove toxins in the colon that may be responsible for cancer development. Onions are an important part for an anti-cancer diet.
  • Heart health:
  • Onions are a good source of sulfur, which has shown potent heart health benefits. Sulfur may help reduce the unwanted clumping together, or clotting of blood platelets. By reducing unwanted clotting, sulfur may reduce the risk of heart attack. Sulfur has also shown the ability to lower cholesterol and triglycerides, both of which are considered major risk factors for heart disease. A study from the European Journal of Nutrition showed a diet rich in onions may reduce the risk of heart attack.
  • Mosquito bite reliever:
  • Onions work great for mosquito bites because of their ability to draw out fluids from the skin. Simply press an onion slice onto the affected area for a few minutes. If symptoms aren’t gone within minutes, you can tape the slice to your arm using medical tape until irritation is gone.
  • Weight loss:
  • Onions are an excellent source of dietary fiber, providing 2.7g per cup, which is 11% of the recommended daily value. It is also low in calories, with only 64 per cup. Foods that are low in calories and high in fiber are great contributors to an effective weight loss diet.
  • As always: Check with your health practitioner before you change your diet and see if this is right for you. This food is not meant to replace any treatment or drugs you are taking.   
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