How to regrow 5 common veggie scraps

How to regrow 5 common veggie scraps

How to regrow 5 common veggie scraps

There are parts of vegetables that we don’t eat, like stems and cores. Just because we don’t eat some of these parts, does not make them useless.

Did you know that you can regrow some vegetables using scraps?

These simple tips will help you regrow 5 common veggie scraps, and can cut down on food waste problems.

So be green and re-use and recycle your food.

1. How to regrow 5 common veggie scraps part 1: Avocados

– After enjoying a delicious avocado, save the pit and rinse it clean
– Pierce 3 toothpicks on the sides of the pit and suspend it over a glass of water
– Make sure just the bottom inch of the seed is covered with water
– Place the glass in a warm environment with indirect sunlight
– Let it sit for 6-8 weeks until the stems and roots start to grow
– When the stem grows to 6 inches, cut off about 3 inches
– When leaves start to form, plant pit in soil, with half the pit above ground
– Avocado trees take about 5-13 years to mature and bear fruit

2. How to regrow 5 common veggie scraps part 2: Celery

– Cut bottom of a head of celery and place it in a shallow BPA-free container with warm water
– After a week, leaves will start to grow and thicken
– Once leaves thicken, plant in soil with leaves sticking out

3. How to regrow 5 common veggie scraps part 3: Ginger

– Plant a piece of ginger rhizome, covering fully with buds facing upwards
– Place pot in direct sunlight, and water regularly

4. How to regrow 5 common veggie scraps part 4: Green onion

– Put the ends of some green onion with roots attached in water
– New growth will start in about 3-4 weeks

5. How to regrow 5 common veggie scraps part 5: Romaine lettuce

– Fill a small BPA-free container with half an inch of water
– Put the stump of lettuce inside the water
– Place in a cool spot with good light
– Replace the water every other day, until new lettuce grows

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