A list of GMO-free food companies

A list of GMO-free food companies

  • What is GMO?
  • GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism and is defined as “an organism whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques.” The technique used to create GMOs is called recombinant DNA. DNA molecules from different organisms are combined to create one molecule of DNA, and are then transferred to an organism, causing its genetic makeup to change.
  • How do GMOs affect you?
  • This technique is often used in creating the food that we eat.
  • It is used in plants mostly to give the plant a resistance to commercial herbicides.
  • It is used in animals to enhance production of food or to add quality traits to the food such as making animals grow bigger.
  • GMOs can lead to the following:
  • 1. Food allergy symptoms
  • 2. Body toxicity
  • 3. Negative reproductive effects
  • 4. May affect the digestive system
  • 5. Unknown genetic effects to humans
  • 6. May lead to cancer
  • Concerns about genetically modified (GM) foods keep growing. 
  • There has been much controversy surrounding GMOs because it is tampering with nature. Genetically modified food has been around for a few decades. However, there is much secrecy surrounding patents of genetically modified food, a risk of genetic modifications undesirably spreading to other foods, and irresponsible behavior from some biotech companies.
  • Fortunately, there are companies who still value the importance of real, non-modified foods.
  • The list of GMO-free food companies. PLEASE share this list.
  • Amy’s Kitchen: GMO-free manufacturer of soups, boxed meals, frozen meals, and chilis.
  • Annie’s Naturals: Manufacturer of GMO-free of condiments such as dressings and BBQ sauce.
  • Arrowhead Mills: They make GMO-free baking mixes and flour, which can be found in health food stores.
  • Barbara’s Bakery: They make GMO-free cookies.
  • Bearitos: GMO-free provider of snacks and dips.
  • Bob’s Red Mill: Provider of GMO-free baking mixes and flours.
  • Cascadian Farms: Manufacturer of frozen meals, juices, yogurt, frozen fruits and vegetables.
  • Chaffin Family Orchards: A family based company providing GMO-free products including olive oil.
  • Clif: Manufacturer of GMO-free energy bars.
  • Cultures for Health: Provider of starters and food products, which are all GMO-free.
  • Earth’s Best: Manufactures GMO-free baby food.
  • Eden Foods: They provide canned foods, noodles, miso, vinegar, and other GMO-free Asian food and food products.
  • Fantastic Foods: They make hummus, falafel, risotto couscous, soup, and other GMO-free mixes.
  • French Meadow Bakery: GMO-free provider of baked goods and bread.
  • Garden of Eatin: They provide chips, salsas, and other GMO-free snack foods.
  • Genisoy: This GMO-free company makes soybeans and soy products.  
  • Grindstone Bakery: GMO-free manufacturer of wheat and gluten-free bread.
  • Healthy Times: Another great GMO-free baby food company.
  • Imagine Foods: Provides GMO-free soy and rice milk.
  • Kettle Chips: GMO-free provider of extra crunchy potato chips and tortilla chips.
  • Lundberg Family Farms: GMO-free company that makes rice, wild rice, soups, and convenience foods.
  • Muir Foods: GMO-free provider of tomatoes and tomato products such as pasta sauces, salsa, soups, and more.
  • Natural Choice Foods: Satisfy your sweet cravings with non-GMO frozen desserts from Natural Choice Foods.
  • Nature’s Path: Provider of GMO-free cereals and snack bars.
  • Pamela’s Products: They make gluten-free, GMO-free baking mixes.
  • Pure Indian Foods: GMO-free manufacturer of grass-fed ghee.
  • Purity Foods: This company makes spelt-based noodles and other snacks.
  • Que Pasa: They make GMO-free tortilla chips and other Mexican foods.
  • Rapunzel: They make delicious GMO-free chocolates and specialty oils.
  • San J: GMO-free manufacturer of soy sauce, tamari, and shoyu.
  • Spectrum Oils: They specialize in non-GMO cooking oils, salad oils, natural shortening, and condiments like mayonnaise.
  • Thai Kitchen: Great source for GMO-free coconut milk and Asian ingredients.
  • To Your Health: Provides GMO-free organic sprouted bread and sprouted flours.
  • Tradition Miso: They provide miso pastes from GMO-free ingredients.
  • Trader Joe’s: GMO-free supermarket.
  • US Wellness Meats: Provider of grass fed meats from GMO-free feed.  
  • Vitasoy: GMO-free source of soy based foods.
  • Walkers: Provides GMO-free shortbread cookies and other sweet snacks.
  • White Wave: GMO-free manufacturer of soy products like tofu and tempeh.
  • Wisconsin Healthy Grown Potatoes: Provider of GMO-free potatoes.
  • Zukay: GMO-free provider of live cultured condiments and salsa.
  • For all you need to know about GMOs.
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