Lobster medallions from Marquis, Los Cabos

Lobster medallions from Marquis, Los Cabos

Healthy Living is a life style. It is about environment we live in and the food we eat.

With this in mind we wanted to share a healthy summer recipe.

A recipe by Maitre Cuisinier de France Thierry Dufour who has a pedigree of a two-star Michelin restaurant in France and presides over three restaurants featuring French cuisine at Marquis, Cabo San Lucas. This summer recipe serves 4 people and is very easy to prepare.
Chef Thierry Dufour suggests organic ingredients to get a more authentic taste and be healthier too.

We know you will love as much as we do.


Lobster tail 1lb

Seafood broth 1 quart

Organic tomatoes 1lb

Organic Onions about ½ Lb

Organic Olive oil 2oz

Saffron 1 pinch

Sugar 1 pinch

Green asparagus 1 bunch

Gourmet salad 10 leaves

Arugula 10 leaves

Grapefruit flavored olive oil 3oz

Champagne Vinegar 1/2oz

Sea salt flakes and black pepper flower 1 pinch

Prepare the tomato concassé (peel, seed and remove skin and chop tomatoes)
add a little saffron and keep on a fresh temperature

Cook the asparagus tips on boiling water with salt.

Once cooked, cool down the asparagus on cold water and place them on a plate with absorbent paper.
Prepare a vinaigrette with the grapefruit flavored olive oil and the Champagne vinegar.

Mix the gourmet salad leaves and the Arugula.

Poach the lobster tails in the seafood broth.

Place on a plate the salad and the asparagus tips dressed with the grapefruit vinaigrette
Pour a table spoon of saffron and tomato cassé on the same plate.
Once cooked remove the lobster tails from heat, remove the shell and cut in medallions.
Place the warm lobster medallions over the tomato cassé, place the sea salt flakes and black pepper flower and serve.
This dish is a cold entree but the medallions must be served warm to enhance the flavor of the lobster.

Make sure the ingredients are organic.

For more about Marquis.

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