Know your food and understand the labels

Know your food and understand the labels

Be aware of the labels and find the truth behind  them. Know your food and understand the labels!

Check the following:

1. Lightly Sweetened: This term is not officially regulated by the FDA, which means it could have anywhere from 1-100 grams – or more – of sugar. Search for the label “No added sugar.” That label is FDA regulated.

2. A Good Source of Fiber: While fiber is an important part of our daily diet. It is important to making sure to get the right kind. Packaged foods that use the term “a good source of fiber” sometimes use a fiber additive that’s not as good. Try to eat local and fresh food more.

3. Made With Real Fruit: You will be surprised but the fruit that is advertised may not be the fruit that is actually in the jar! Real fruit quantities are not regulated by the FDA, therefore the amount could be so minuscule that it will not have any beneficial effect at all. Again eat local and fresh food.

4. Made With Whole Grains: Many of these products contain only trace amounts of whole grains. Look for a “100% whole wheat” or “100% whole grains” on the label.

As I always say, know your food supplier, support your local farmers and establish a relationship with a trusted food source.
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