Green tea can give brain power a boost

Green tea can give brain power a boost

  • There is nothing like a hot cup of organic green tea to make your day better. It has a way of providing energy, soothing the soul, and refreshing your spirits.
  • Green tea has been used for millenniums in Asia as a potent tonic for its health benefits.
  • It is made from leaves that are unfermented, which gives it higher polyphenol antioxidant content than most teas.
  • Green tea has been the subject of many clinical studies due to its health benefits. A new study from the University of Basel shows that green tea extract significantly enhances cognitive function, especially the working memory.
  • The results of the study show promising indications for the treatment of cognitive ailments such as dementia. The study was published in a journal called Psychopharmacology.
  • More researchers are looking into the cognitive benefits of green tea as well.
  • Green tea has previously been linked to better brain function, but the mechanisms of these benefits were unknown, until now.
  • The teams of researchers Professor Christoph Beglinger from the University Hostopital of Basel and Professor Stefan Borgwardt from the Psychiatric University Clinics found that extracts from green tea increased the brain’s “effective connectivity,” meaning the casual influence that one area of the brain exerts over another.
  • The improvement on effective connectivity also improved actual cognitive function.
  • Participants tested significantly better in working memory tasks after drinking green tea extract.
  • In the study, healthy male participants were given a drink with a few grams of green tea extract and were then given working memory tasks to perform.
  • The scientists analyzed how the green tea affected the brain during these tasks with magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI for short.
  • The MRI showed better connectivity between the parietal and the frontal cortex of the brain.  “Our findings suggest that green tea might increase the short-term synaptic plasticity of the brain,” Professor Borgwardt explains.
  • The results look very promising, as the increased connectivity of the parietal and frontal cortex may help analyze the potential of green tea in treating cognitive conditions such as dementia.
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  • For the health benefits of green tea.
  • The truth behind the teas you are drinking.
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