Bee Pollen: The complete food

Bee Pollen: The complete food

Bee pollen is the food of the young bee. It consists of forty percent protein and is considered to be a completely nourishing and extremely alkalizing food. It boosts the immune system, increases energy, does wonders for aging skin and is extremely high in antioxidant activity.  This is why it is often called the “perfect food.” According to, bee pollen contains more than 96 nutrients needed for life.

Amazingly enough, everything derived from bee pollen is broken down . Our body does not need to break the nutrients down any further.

  • Immune system booster:
  • It is packed with antioxidants. Vitamin B, C, D and E, as well as calcium, magnesium, selenium, cysteine and a variety of proteins will help the strength our immune system.
  • Allergens fighter:
  • It can help the body build up a resistance to allergies by lowering the body’s sensitivity to pollen. It is like vaccination and can prevent disease.
  • It does contains  some of the very same substances that trigger seasonal allergies. Taking some on a regular basis will help the body build resist allergens.
  • Energy booster:
  • With all the vitamins and minerals it contains bee pollen will boost your energy. Many athletes use it for more endurance and performance.
  • How to use?
  • Bee pollen has a rich flavor. It can be added to fresh juices, smoothies or just eaten plain. You can also sprinkle on salads and cereals.
  • It is best to start out with one tablespoon and increase if you desire.
  • A great source on where to buy it is Living Tree Community Foods.
  • Nutritional-Supplements-Health-Guide: How Bee Pollen Benefits Your Health
  • Yukon Gold Bee Pollen $12
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