An organic taqueria for you: Papito

An organic taqueria for you: Papito

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Jocelyn Bulow and Marc Henri Sempere the powerful duo restaurateurs are at it again. They have a third family member on Portrero Hill named Papito.

We wanted to bring healthy, organic Mexican food to the neighborhood. Our food is not greasy and follows the healthy trend California is known for,” shares Bulow.

We compost, recycle and have adopted sustainable practices,” he adds.

Papito is a simple yet quaint place that serves homemade food  and is known for its one of a kind quesadillas.

With 10 years at Globe, veteran in the food business Chef Reynold Martinez is the talent behind Papito’s success.  “We are the proof you don’t have to spend a fortune to serve organic and quality food,” he candidly states.

The homemade Guacamole($7) tastes of fresh ingredients.
The spicy Steak Enchilada ($17) is delightful ($7).

Papito is reasonably priced from ($6) for a Sopa Ranchera to ($19) for a Grilled Hanger Steak. For the full menu.

They offer 10 wines by the glass and serve quality wines such as award-winning and locally produced R&B Cellars.

Papito is open 7 days a week and serves brunch on week ends.

Seating is limited and take out is a successful option.

Papito San Francisco

Papito San Francisco

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