An apple a day will keep obesity away

An apple a day will keep obesity away

  • We can never say enough about the importance of eating organic foods. Fresh organic foodsare packed with antioxidants and unique nutrients that boost the immune system.
  • For decades, apples have been the snack of choice for so many people, young and old. It has a sweet, zesty flavor, and is convenient enough to hold in one’s hand.
  • The apple is always related to a popular belief that eating one a day can prevent visits to the physician, and for good reason.
  • Researchers at Washington State University have found that compounds in apples, especially Granny Smith apples, may help prevent disorders associated with obesity.
  • The study was published in the October 2014 edition of the journal Food Chemistry.
  • We know that, in general, apples are a good source of these nondigestible compounds but there are differences in varieties,” said food scientist Giuliana Noratto, the lead in the study. “Results from this study will help consumers to discriminate between apple varieties that can aid in the fight against obesity.”
  • Granny Smith apples aid in the growth of beneficial bacteria in the colon because of their non-digestible compounds, including dietary fiber and polyphenols. These compounds remain intact when they get to the colon.
  • The study also shows that Granny Smith surpasses all other types of apples in content of these non-digestible compounds.
  • The nondigestible compounds in the Granny Smith apples actually changed the proportions of fecal bacteria from obese mice to be similar to that of lean mice,” Noratto explained.
  • These findings could help prevent some of the disorders associated with obesity, including chronic inflammation that can lead to diabetes. Obesity causes beneficial bacteria in the colon to be disturbed, which can lead to diabetes and metabolic disorders.
  • What determines the balance of bacteria in our colon is the food we consume,” Noratto said.
  • Dietary fiber is a key nutrient to weight loss, because it makes you feel full faster, so you eat less.
  • AS ALWAYS: Check with your health practitioner before you change your diet. This organic food is not meant to replace any treatment or drugs you are taking.
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