Drinking peppermint tea boosts memory

Drinking peppermint tea boosts memory

Drinking peppermint tea boosts memory, according to new research from Northumbria University.

The researchers tested 180 healthy people. Each participant in the study was randomly selected to drink either peppermint tea, chamomile, or hot water. Before they consumed their tea, all the participants were giving questionnaires rating their moods. They were given a second questionnaire after drinking their teas to test their long-term memories and overall cognitive health.

The researchers found that peppermint tea showed significant improvements in long term memory. Peppermint tea also increased working memory and alertness compared to the other drinks.

In comparison, those who drank chamomile tea showed a reduction in memory when compared to the other drinks.

Dr. Moss of Northumbria University commented on the research:

“It’s interesting to see the contrasting effects on mood and cognition of the two different herbal teas. The enhancing and arousing effects of peppermint and the calming/sedative effects of chamomile observed in this study are in keeping with the claimed properties of these herbs and suggest beneficial effects can be drawn from their use.”

There are many ways to get peppermint to your diet. It makes a great addition to smoothie, juices, and dishes for a unique and cooling flavor.

One of our favorite ways to enjoy the amazing health benefits of peppermint is tea. Try our lavender mint tea recipe and enjoy!

The study showing that drinking peppermint tea boosts memory was presented at The British Psychological Society’s annual conference.

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