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Why you should be drinking bone broth

We are going to show you why you should be drinking bone broth.

If you’ve been conditioned from childhood to eat “chicken soup” to tame a cold or soothe a sore throat, you may be surprised to learn that the broth rivals the chicken and the vegetables in providing the nutrients your body needs to fight infection,” said Dr. Mercola, a leading physician and health expert.

Due to its medicinal properties, bone broth is one of the foods I highly recommend, and personally use, to maintain a healthy lifestyle.”

Bone broth has recently become popular again, as it is used by pro athletes to reduce inflammation and speed healing from injuries.

Retired star basketball player and one of the world’s greatest sports icons Kobe Bryant swore by it, especially in his late 30s, when injuries were more likely, due to wear and tear of a long career.

I’ve been doing the bone broth for a while now,” Bryant said in a piece for ESPN. “It’s great – energy, inflammation. It’s great.”

Everybody is looking for a magical elixir or some cure-all,” said Tim DiFrancesco, the Lakers’ (Kobe’s former team) head strength and conditioning coach, “but bone broth is where it’s at.”

So why should you be drinking bone broth?

Registered dietitian and founder of My Foodie Noodie, Kayla McDonell, states that drinking bone broth may provide the following benefits:

. Provides essential vitamins and minerals
. Improves digestive system
. Fights inflammation
. Aids in joint health
. Promotes weight loss
. Helps with sleep
. Improves cognitive function

“Bone broth has become very popular recently, especially among health-conscious individuals. This is because it’s believed to have many health benefits. Although there is no published research on bone broth itself, there’s plenty of evidence that suggests drinking it may be very beneficial,” McDonnell said.

McDonell is not the only health expert touting bone broths benefits.

Dr. Axe, doctor of natural medicine and clinical nutritionist suggests even more benefits in consuming bone broth, including the following:

. Treats leaky gut
. Helps overcome food allergies and intolerances
. Reduces cellulite
. Boosts immune function
. Joint health

The benefits of bone broth are endless. It is an essential part of a healthy diet.

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