WHO: Coffee officially does not cause cancer

WHO: Coffee officially does not cause cancer

WHO: Coffee officially does not cause cancer

Coffee officially does not cause cancer, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Finally, the organization will downgrade its warning for coffee after the overwhelming amount of research touting its benefits.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) had previously warned that coffee is “possibly carcinogenic” but is now lifting this warning. Their latest review says that there is “no conclusive evidence for a carcinogenic effect.”

The IARC and WHO press release explained in further detail:

The large body of evidence currently available led to the re-evaluation of the carcinogenicity of coffee drinking, previously classified as possibly carcinogenic to humans (Group 2B) by IARC in 1991.

After thoroughly reviewing more than 1000 studies in humans and animals, the Working Group found that there was inadequate evidence for the carcinogenicity of coffee drinking overall.

Many epidemiological studies showed that coffee drinking had no carcinogenic effects for cancers of the pancreas, female breast, and prostate, and reduced risks were seen for cancers of the liver and uterine endometrium.

There is one catch

However, there is one catch. WHO does say that according to scientific evidence, drinking any very hot beverage (149 Fahrenheit or above), including coffee probably does cause cancer of the esophagus.

These results suggest that drinking very hot beverages is one probable cause of oesophageal cancer and that it is the temperature, rather than the drinks themselves, that appears to be responsible,” says Dr. Christopher Wild, IARC Director.

Coffee is a huge part of the American lifestyle, and has lately been the subject of exciting health research. Scientists are just beginning to understand the health benefits of coffee.

Studies have even linked coffee to improved survival rates in colon cancer patients, prevention of clogged arteries, and so much more.

The study showing that coffee officially does not cause cancer was published in The Lancet: Oncology.

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