Credit: © nikilitov / Fotolia

Credit: © nikilitov / Fotolia

Disinfectant and purifying clove and lemon air freshener

This purifying clove and lemon air freshener essential oil blend will help kill viruses, odors and purify the air in your house.

Diffusing essential oils is the latest hot trend, and for good reason. Instead of using candles or freshening sprays that are both packed with chemicals — essential oils are all natural and a healthier option for your lungs.

To start diffusing essential oils in your home or office, you will need to buy a diffuser. You can find an essential oil diffuser at your local health food store.

Let’s take a look at how to make this potent disinfectant and purifying clove and lemon air freshener.


Mix the following in a 1 oz dark glass container:

6 drops of frankincense essential oil
15 drops of lemon essential oil
20 drops of clove bud essential oil
10 drops of cinnamon bark essential oil
6 drops of eucalyptus essential oil
5 drops of rosemary essential oil

Add the purifying blend to your diffuser and enjoy!

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Disinfectant cinnamon air freshener.
Detox the air in your home with this clove disinfectant air freshener.

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