How can a short walk change your mood?

How can a short walk change your mood?

How can a short walk change your mood? According to new research, it can change your day for the better.

Walking is the unsung hero when it comes to its health benefits. It is a great way to slow down your pace for a little bit, uplift your mood and is simply good for you.

According to the new research, taking a short walk can significantly improve your mood, even when you are at a point where you think it won’t work.

The study showed that simply moving around and walking for about 12 minutes could help reduce negative emotions. Factors like having someone to walk with, or having a clear, bright day didn’t matter. This means that you can walk whenever to reap the benefits.

The researchers examined over 400 students at Iowa State University and had them walk in three different experiments that were designed to test the effects of walking on mood.

In the first experiment, the researchers tested the effects of a simple stroll — nothing less, nothing more.

In the second, the researchers tested the surroundings to see if where they walked mattered. The participants walked through a dreary campus and were told that they would have to write a paper after the walk. However, despite these factors, the students still felt more positive and uplifted after the walk.

In the third experiment, participants either walked on a treadmill or sat next to one. Those who walked on the treadmill had a significantly better mood than those who sat.

There seems to be something about that brisk, confident walk that is really good for you,” Jeffrey Miller, study author and assistant professor in the psychology department at Saint Xavier University, told The Huffington Post.

The students only walked at a pace of 3 miles per hour, on average. This shows that the walk does not have to be intense or aerobic to benefit from the walk, Miller explained.

It’s not really the pace that seems to be key, and what’s so neat is that it doesn’t really have to have any purpose,” he explained. “Whether you believe that you’re going to feel better or not, [after a walk] you’re going to feel better relative to not being in motion at all.”

We have seen before how many benefits walking can provide. Besides being a mood booster, it may help improve insulin sensitivity, reduce the risk of stroke, improve fibromyalgia, and so much more.

For more about the amazing benefits of walking, read our article.

Now, get out there and walk, and be happy!









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