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Credit: © alekseyliss / Fotolia

How can eating grapes save your brain?

How can eating grapes save your brain? A new study shows that a compound found in grapes may have potent benefits for cognitive health.

The new study showed that resveratrol can help preserve muscle fibers that break down during the aging process. It can also help preserve neuromuscal junctions (NMJs) between neurons, called synapses.

Dr. Mercola, a leading health expert and physician weighed in: “Synapses are important for voluntary movement because they relay motor commands from neurons in your spinal cord to your muscles.”

The researchers believe that the results of the study may help slow down aging just like it did in mice during the study.

The mice were given resveratrol for a year, while another group was given a typical diet. The researchers found that the resveratrol group had less aging symptoms than the control group.

Gregorio Valdez, Ph.D., an assistant professor at Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute, where the study was conducted explained:

“We all slow down as we get older. Gait, balance issues and impaired motor coordination contribute to health problems, accidents, lack of mobility and a lower quality of life.

We work on identifying molecular changes that slow down motor deficits that occur with aging. I believe that we are getting closer to tapping into mechanisms to slow age-induced degeneration of neuronal circuits.”

Resveratrol, which has potent antioxidant properties, is found in foods like grapes, raspberries, dark chocolate, pomegranates, and more.

In plants, resveratrol helps increase lifespan through resisting diseases, climate change, and ultraviolet light.

Muscadine grapes are high in resveratrol and are a great choice for unlocking these brain benefits.\

One way to access the benefits of resveratrol is by eating muscadine grapes, which contain the highest concentration among foods, especially in the skin, Dr. Mercola explains. “Mulberries and blueberries are other good sources.”

Limit your intake to one-half cup per day, however, because fruit also contains fructose. A whole food resveratrol supplement containing bits of muscadine grape skin is another option,” Mercola adds.

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