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Black seed oil beats Tylenol for osteoarthritis pain relief

Black seed oil beats Tylenol for osteoarthritis pain relief according to new research. It may make a great alternative to traditional pain medications.

Black cumin are the seeds of the flowering plant Nigella Sativa, which has been revered for its medical properties for centuries. The health benefits of black cumin have been confirmed time and time again by medical research.

The powerful black seed has been shown to treat many serious conditions, including type-2 diabetes and cancer. It also has liver health properties and has even shown to treat Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or ‘Staph infection.’

Now, a new study shows that it may rival non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) for dealing with osteoarthritis pain.

The researchers divided the participants into two groups. One group was given topical black seed oil for arthritis in the knee area, while the other group was given acetaminophen daily.

The researchers reported the following results:

Study results showed that topical application of Nigella sativa oil and oral acetaminophen reduced pain in elderly with knee osteoarthritis; after using Nigella sativa oil, the reduction of pain was higher.”

The researchers concluded:

This study showed that topical use of Nigella sativa oil can be more effective in reducing knee pain in elderly patients than acetaminophen, which is typically used as a safe supplement for the elderly.”

The study also described some important nutrition facts of black seed:

Nigella sativa oil is composed of 30% by weight of p-cymene, which is the most original composition, and 61.48% of the weight is composed of the volatile oil. Nigella sativa seeds contain fat, vitamins, minerals, proteins, essential amino acids, and carbohydrates. Nigella sativa seed is a rich source of essential fatty and unsaturated acids. The main unsaturated fatty acids are linoleic acid and oleic acid. There are also other compounds in seeds, such as phospholipids, carotene, calcium, iron, and potassium.”

The study showing that black seed oil beats Tylenol for osteoarthritis pain relief was published in the journal Electronic Physician.

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