Top 10 uses for Witch Hazel

Top 10 uses for Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel is something everyone should have in their medicine cabinet. It is inexpensive and can come in handy. We can’t live with out it and know that you won’t either, once you discover its many uses.

Top 10 uses for Witch Hazel:

Face toner

Heals bruises faster

Natural deodorant

Soothe razor burn

Spot and blemish control

Shrinks under eyes puffiness

Soothes and reduces external hemorrhoids

Soothes poison ivy and poison oak and mosquito bites

Treats Sunburn

Varicose vein relief

Tip: Spray your face with witch hazel every night after cleaning your face. It will shrink pores.

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For a winter avocado glow mask.

For a winter nourishing mask.



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