DIY dark eye circles remedy

DIY dark eye circles remedy

We love Do It Yourself (DIY) recipes. They are inexpensive, fast and natural. A real win-win.

Dark circle under our eyes age us right away and give us a tired look.

This mint DIY dark eye circles remedy is easy and it really works.

DIY dark eye circle remedy:


Rinse and chop a few organic mint leaves

Place the leaves under the eyes

Leave for 20 minutes

For a more potent version: Put the mint leaves in the fridge so they are cold when you apply them


Moisturize with a few drops of calendula herbal oil

We recommend Mountain Rose Herbs as a reputable source for essential and herbal oils.

Try this recipe, your eyes and wallet will thank you!

Some basic tips to avoid dark eye circles:

  1. Make sure you drink enough water during the day ( 6 to 8 glasses).
  2. Get an adequate amount of sleep ( 7 to 9 hours).
  3. Use a caffeine based eye cream which will help constrict blood vessels.
  4. Double up on pillows at night to stop blood from building up under your eyes.
  5. In the am and before going to bed: apply a cold compress for  five to 7 minutes to constrict the blood vessels.

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For the health benefits of mint.

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