DIY rose and argan oil body spray

DIY rose and argan oil body spray

Take a green step and make your own DIY rose and Argan oil body spray.

You will smell like a bouquet of fresh roses, the scent is soft and feminine yet not overpowering at all.

DIY Recipe:
In a glass bowl, mix together:
10 drops of rose essential oil
15 drops of argan oil
2 tbsps rose water or hydrosol
8 oz distilled water
1 tbsp witch hazel
Pour in BPA-free spray bottle and keep refrigerated.
This is a nourishing and moisturizing body spray.
It will feel heavenly chilled.
You can buy all of the rose spray from IQ Natural and the witch hazel at

Try it, your body and wallet will thank you and men too:).

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Argan oil uses.

For a DIY cacao and coconut nourishing body butter.


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