Are baby carrots as healthy as regular ones?

Are baby carrots as healthy as regular ones?

Are baby carrots as healthy as regular ones? Experts have debated the healthiness of this product. Let’s settle the argument once and for all.

Carrots have been a popular snack for ages. They require basically no preparation, and are great with dips because of their sweet, delicious flavor.

Baby carrots are peeled and re-sculpted from larger carrots or broken ones. Mike Yurosek, California carrot farmer was the one who invented baby carrots in the 1980s.

As the methods of reshaping these carrots has improved over the years, the product has become even more popular. However, experts have debated the healthiness of this product as well.

The current baby carrots are cut from a special variation of carrot that grows slimmer and stays tender.

The carrots used for baby carrots are grown closer together, to encourage the root to grow deep and slender. They are also harvested up to two months before regular carrots.

They are shaped from small, slender carrots and are then buffed and polished.

According to the nutrition facts of baby carrots versus regular carrots, baby carrots have slightly more water content and less calories.

They both have approximately the same amount of sugar, but baby carrots have less iron, phosphorus and magnesium. Baby carrots also have less vitamin A and C, but contain more folate than larger carrots.

So although baby carrots don’t have as much nutrients as large carrots, that could be offset if you eat a larger number of baby carrots.

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