Aspartame use in children’s drinks has risen dramatically

Aspartame use in children’s drinks has risen dramatically

Aspartame use in children’s drinks has risen dramatically, according to a report from George Washington University’s Milken Institute School of Public Health.

There has been so much controversy surrounding artificial sweeteners and Splenda is no exception.

Its slogan: “Made from sugar, so it tastes like sugar has changed” after the company was sued and became: “Just What’s Good — it’s made from sugar. It tastes like sugar. But it’s not sugar.”

Health experts have long been suspicious of the health effects of Splenda, believing that it may cause obesity and other serious problems.

We reported on a groundbreaking study last year, which showed that Splenda is linked to leukemia.

According to the new research, aspartame use in U.S. kid’s drinks has skyrocketed by 200 percent. They also report that 25 percent of kids in the U.S. consume these aspartame filled beverages.

Allison Sylvetsky, Ph.D., an assistant professor of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences at Milken Institute School of Public Health in Washington D.C., explained:

“Just 8.7 percent of kids reported consuming low-calorie sweeteners in 1999 and 13 years later that number had risen to 25.1 percent. Kids aren’t alone in this trend. More adults also are taking in low-calorie sweeteners in diet soft drinks and in a variety of foods and snack items.

The findings are important, especially for children, because some studies suggest a link between low-calorie sweeteners and obesity, diabetes and other health issues.”

The new study is the first to take a look at low calorie sweeteners in food and beverages. It used the latest data for people in the U.S.

The following findings were discovered by the end of the study:

. Of those reporting use of LCS more than once a day, 44 percent were adults and 20 percent were children

. Seventeen percent of adults reported having a food or beverage sweetened with LCS at least three times a day

. As LCS use increased, body mass index (BMI) increased with it

. Nineteen percent of obese adults used LCS three times a day or more, compared to 13 percent of normal weight adults

. Around 70 percent of the LCS consumption took place at home, and children as young as 2 years old were also eating and drinking these products

The study showing that aspartame use in children’s drinks has risen dramatically was published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

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