Detox your home with the right home cleaners

Detox your home with the right home cleaners

Take a healthy step: Detox your home by using plant-derived home cleaners.

The most pollution is inside our home. Look under your kitchen cabinet. Read the labels: if you can’t pronounce the words, then they are toxic chemicals. Do a full detox of your home for 2013.

We have done the work for you.

Check some of our favorite natural cleaning products, made by pioneer in residential and home cleaners Earth Friendly Products.

You can find all these at At DeLanos, Pay N Save GroceryReal Foods, RJs Market, Spring, Whole Foods, and on line of course.

We are big fans of them and use them myself. They are non-toxic and smell delicious too, what more can we ask for?



Floor Cleaner: The first naturally derived product that can be used on wooden floors AND wood floor laminates. Floor Kleener will clean and protect the sealants in your flooring system.

Easy to use: no need to rinse which means, you do not have to use water to rinse the product off when finished.

Parsley Plus: A real gem for your counter tops. Not only will it clean but brings a unique smell of fresh parsley into your home.

Easy to use: spray directly and wipe with a damp cloth!

Furniture Polish: made from natural olive and orange oils and will be gentle on your beautiful wood. Your beloved wood furniture and even antique pieces will thank you.

Easy to use: spray directly on furniture and wipe with a dry cloth.


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