Arm yourself with On Guard

Arm yourself with On Guard

Do you get nervous about socializing this time of year when it seems like everyone is getting sick? With this in mind, we are happy to share with you effective ways to  “arm” yourself with  On Guard.

On Guard is an essential oil blend that boosts immune & respiratory system function. This anti-viral, anti-bacterial & anti-fungal, verified pure, effective & safe blend is gentle enough to use on every single person, yet strong enough to “guard” against the environmental threats we so often come in contact with.

This blend has 5 key oils including cinnamon (known to promote a healthy immune system & kills germs), wild orange (contains powerful antioxidants), eucalyptus (a strong purifier), rosemary (promotes a healthy respiratory function, reduces fatigue & calms tension), & clove (also high in antioxidants supporting the immune system).

You can also boost your immune system every time you brush your teeth by using On Guard toothpaste & mouthwash. (Both fluoride & alcohol free)

 On the go? Take a bottle of the alcohol-free On Guard hand sanitizing mist to purify your hands by eliminating only the harmful bacteria. 

To learn more and discover the entire of products, usage tips & benefits.

Our office raves about the On Guard blend, and we have as story to share:

Some of the essential oils comprised in this blend are similar to the famous blend based on a story from the 15th century when the “bubonic plague” was running rampant through France and Europe. French thieves were burglarizing the infectious homes and stealing things from the dead bodies of all their possessions, yet they never contracted the highly infectious plague. This led to an inquiry in court after they were charged and caught. The judge offered them a deal in exchange for  their “secret” for a reduced sentence! Legend or truth?

Could it be the “secret” on how potent the On Guard is? You have to try and see for yourself!

How to use the On Guard blend

In a 10 ml roll ball bottle mix:

1/3 part On Guard blend

2/3 part of organic fractioned coconut oil  

Apply on your wrists and the sole of our feet 2 times a day

Arm yourself with On Guard and let us know how they work for you.

Thank you Robyn Atticks for your contribution to this article!


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