6 signs of ovarian cancer that you should not ignore

6 signs of ovarian cancer that you should not ignore

There are 6 signs of ovarian cancer that you should not ignore. These symptoms are often overlooked because they can be mistaken for common occurrences.

According to the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance, “Ovarian cancer is a growth of abnormal malignant cells that begins in the ovaries (women’s reproductive glands that produce ova). Cancer that spreads to the ovaries but originates at another site is not considered ovarian cancer.”

The American Cancer Society reports that about 22,280 women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2016, and 14,420 will die from this year.

Let’s take a look at 6 signs of ovarian cancer that you should not ignore.

1. Swollen or bloated abs:
Abdomen swelling is usually caused by fluid trapped in the abdominal cavity. This symptom usually occurs as the disease enters the later stages, and can often be linked to other conditions. Make sure to compare this symptom to the other symptoms below.

2. Constant pain in abdomen or pelvis:
Chronic pain is a sign of serious problems. It is a symptom that is often linked to ovarian cancer or ovarian cysts. If the pain doesn’t go away after a few days, it should be taken very seriously.

3. Feeling of fullness or difficulty eating:
Women who have ovarian cancer will often feel full faster into the meal and will have difficulty eating their typical amount. The cancer interrupts the hormones that are responsible for metabolism.

4. Urination issues:
Urinating more than normal is a sign of ovarian cancer. The fluid in the abdomen mentioned earlier can push on the bladder. This symptom is often diagnosed as urinary problems and not cancer.

5. Bowel movement changes:
Changes in bowel movements, including constipation and diarrhea, may be signs of ovarian cancer. This may be because the cancer has spread to the colon or because of pressure buildup from the fluid.

6. Spotting between periods:
Spotting may be symptoms of many conditions, including ovarian cancer. Any abnormal bleeding should be immediately checked by a doctor, as it could be a sign of many serious conditions, including ovarian cancer.

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