5 top tips for successful online dating

5 top tips for successful online dating

The time to be ashamed of online dating is over. Dating is a healthy thing. A loving relationship can enhance many aspects of your life. It can bring you emotional support, joy, physical health and true friendship.

Dating online is the best way to meet a soul mate nowadays. We live in a virtual one-click away world.

With the increase in popularity of dating apps and websites, the rules of romance and dating are being rewritten.

Have you had a few online dates that simply didn’t go anywhere? Take a look at 5 top tips for successful online dating.

1. Have an eye-catching profile picture:
As humans, we are very visual people. Your profile picture is the first thing that people notice on dating websites and apps. Make sure it is a decent, good quality picture that shows you clearly. Having a picture of you participating in an interesting activity can spark curiosity in those viewing your profile.

2. Write an interesting profile:
Profiles and bios are great because you get to share your interests and a little bit about yourself. People who are interested in you can find out if you have common interests right away, and you can easily spark up conversations before meeting. Keep your profile fun, and not too serious. Feel free to show your sense of humor. Your bio does not need to include every single detail – some things are best left to discover.

3. Send a good first message:
An interesting first message can make a big difference. A simple “hi” or “hello” is not a very inspirational conversation starter. Try starting with a joke based on something in their profile or bring up something specific in their profile like a movie you both watched or a band you both like.

4. Don’t drag the conversation on too long:
One of the great features of online dating sites and apps is that you can chat with your interests and find out if the two of you would be a good match. However, many people make the mistake of keeping the conversation going too long. Small talk can only go so far. At some point, it will be time to make a move and meet in real life.

5. Be familiar:
Chances are if you are planning on meeting an online match in real life, you already know a bit about the person. So when you finally meet, there is no need for awkward dating hellos and questions. Think of it as a second date and treat him or her like a familiar friend.

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