5 tips to preserve your Christmas tree

5 tips to preserve your Christmas tree

It is December, which means it is time to put up your Christmas tree in your home.

We have five simple tips for you to ensure that your tree stays lush and green throughout the season.

Let’s take a look at these five simple tips to preserve your Christmas tree:

1. Refresh the tree by making a straight cut, take 1 inch off the butt, and immediately place in water.
This type of cut will help improve the tree’s water uptake.

2. Place the tree in a stand that can hold 1 gallon of water.
This will ensure that your tree has plenty of water to drink.

3. Make sure there is always water in the stand.
If the tree dries out, it may lose its ability to uptake water.

4. Always turn off the lights at night.
If the lights stay on throughout the night, they can dry the tree faster.

5. Use miniature lights, as they produce less heat.
This decreases drying from the lights, and reduces the risk of fire.

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