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5 foods you should avoid before bedtime

Did you know that diet plays a major part for a healthy sleep. That is why we are giving you 5 foods you should avoid before bedtime.

Sleep disorders have become an epidemic in the United States. The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute reports that “an estimated 50 to 70 million Americans have chronic (ongoing) sleep disorders.”

It is always important to eat a few hours before bedtime, so your body has time to digest and so you don’t have as much energy from the food. Late night snacking can also negatively affect sleep.

Almond butter is great for stabilizing blood sugar, which can help you get a good nights rest. Plus, it’s delicious! Two tablespoons of almond butter before bedtime stabilizes your blood sugar, which can make you tired if it’s too low.

Cumin tea is also great for getting a good nights sleep. Try our recipe here.

Let’s take a closer look at 5 foods you should avoid before bedtime

1. Fatty foods:
Do you ever get heartburn or stomach issues when trying to sleep? Fatty foods may be the culprit. They can trigger excess acid production and cause heartburn.

2. Alcohol:
It is a common misconception that alcohol helps you get better sleep. While it may make you drowsy, you will find that it will be tougher to get deeper sleep and you will feel tired in the morning if you drink too much.

3. Spicy foods:
Similar to fatty foods, spicy foods can also cause acid reflux, which can keep you up.

4. Sugary foods and desserts:
Sugar causes a spike in blood sugar, which boosts the energy and can keep you up. Most sugary foods are also loaded with fat.

5. Caffeine:
While, this may be fairly obvious, it is still worth noting that drinking coffee and soda can interrupt sleep. Some experts suggest not drinking coffee after noon.

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5 best healthy foods to help induce sleep.
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