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3 healthier alternatives to white sugar

Because of the health dangers of sugar, we are giving you 3 healthier alternatives to white sugar that are natural and unprocessed.

Excess sugar intake is linked to many health problems. Recent research has shown that high sugar intake can greatly increase heart disease risk, and a new MRI technique even confirmed that cancer cells feed on sugar.

Raw honey:

Raw honey is one of nature’s most valuable treasures. As its name states, raw honey is not pasteurized, not filtered, unaltered, unprocessed, and harvested directly from the honeycomb to your pantry, courtesy of nature’s little honeybees. It is always a plus when the sweetener you use has health benefits.

A study published by the American Chemical Society shows that organic honey may begin to play a bigger role in fighting infections. “The unique property of honey lies in its ability to fight infection on multiple levels, making it more difficult for bacteria to develop resistance,” explained Susan M. Meschwitz, Ph.D., the leader of the study.

Coconut palm sugar:

Coconut sugar is an organic natural sweetener that shows promising results for people who suffer from chronic illnesses or conditions such as diabetes, gallstones, heart disease, and obesity. 

Because it has a low GI, it is great for regulating blood sugar. It gets absorbed as sugar much slower into the blood than normal table sugar, and doesn’t cause blood sugar spikes. This regulation of blood sugar may help prevent type-2 diabetes.

A low-GI diet can also help with weight loss efforts.

Maple syrup: 

Maple syrup is most well known as the sweet stuff Americans pour on pancakes. So although it has been associated with unhealthy foods, it is actually a good alternative to white sugar.

It contains good levels of manganese, calcium, potassium, and many other important nutrients. Make sure to buy darker, grade-B maple syrups that are organic. 

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New MRI technique confirms that cancer feeds on sugar.
High sugar intake greatly increases heart disease risk.
Study links sugar to memory problems.

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