The coolest abbreviations we should all use

The coolest abbreviations we should all use

  • We always stress that healthy living is a life style. It is about the organic foods you eat, the hair and skin care you use and last but not least the natural solutions you select to clean and take care of your home and garden.
  • But healthy living is about having fun, feeling love from our friends, and staying in touch with them, our family, and loved ones.
  • We always recommend texting over talking on the phone because it reduces your exposure to harmful cellular radiation.
  • Texting slang is always changing and it is important to stay on top of it so you can save time.
  • Let’s take a look at 30 cool texting abbreviations we should all use.
  • 1. BAE: Before Anyone Else. You may have seen this one, but didn’t know what it meant. It is used to describe a best friend or someone very important in your life.
  • Ex. My BAE and I are watching a movie tonight.
  • 2. IRL: In Real Life. The Internet is great because you can connect with like-minded people from all around the world. IRL is used to describe people you know online, but haven’t met in real life.
  • Ex. I’m meeting my online book club IRL on Saturday.
  • 3. TBH: To Be Honest. This term is used when arguing, when making a point, or when saying something controversial.
  • Ex. I don’t really eat sugary foods anymore TBH.
  • 4. RT: Retweet. This is a very important one for Twitter. It means reposting or “retweeting” another person’s tweet.
  • Ex. Hey, thanks for the RT.
  • 5. IMO: In My Humble Opinion. This term is often used to comment on a blog posting or to make an argument.
  • Ex. IMO, I think your article could have used more medical references.
  • 6. FTW: For The Win. It is used to describe something or someone you root for who had a victory. Sometimes it is used sarcastically.
  • Ex. San Francisco 49ers FTW!
  • 7. HMU: Hit Me Up. It is a slang term for “contact me” or “call me.”
  • Ex. HMU later tonight if you want to go get dinner.
  • 8. SMH: Shaking My Head. This term is used to express disappointment.
  • Ex. You wear socks with sandals? SMH
  • 9. LMK: Let Me Know. A very simple way to ask for information.
  • Ex. LMK who wins the World Cup match today.
  • 10. TBT: Throwback Thursday. This is a very popular hash tag on Instagram where users upload a memorable picture from their past on a Thursday.
  • Ex. I uploaded a picture from our Tahoe trip for TBT.
  • 11. FBF: Flash Back Friday. If you forget about throwback Thursday, there is always flash back Friday.
  • Ex. I forgot to upload this picture of my sister and me as kids for #tbt. Good thing it’s Friday, so I can do it as a #FBF.
  • 12. FaTH: First and Truest Husband. This one is pretty self-explanatory.
  • Ex. You will always be my FaTH.
  • 13. OTP: One True Pairing. Used to describe two people or characters that are meant to be together.
  • Ex. My dog Charlie and I are one true pairing.
  • 14. OAN: On Another Note. Often used in informal emails or conversations to change the subject.
  • Ex. Hi Mom, work is going great, but OAN I’m thinking of getting a new car.
  • 15. DAE: Does Anyone Else. Used to ask a question.
  • Ex. DAE love avocado as much as I do?
  • 16. BTAIM: Be That As It May. This term is used in formal arguments.
  • Ex. BTAIM, you still need to wear a shirt and tie to the interview.
  • 17. MTFBWY: May The Force Be With You. One of the most popular movie lines ever. It’s from the popular series Star Wars. It is another way of saying good luck.
  • Ex. I know you have an important exam coming up today, so MTFBWY.
  • 18. GTR: Getting Ready. Used to tell your friend or loved one what you are doing.
  • Ex. Be there soon, GTR now.
  • 19. FTFY: Fixed That For You. Used to fix spelling mistakes or grammar on the Internet.
  • Ex. You misspelled “there” so I FTFY.
  • 20. TIL: Today I Learned. Often used to start a blog post or a tweet.
  • Ex. TIL that Apple Cider Vinegar may lower high blood pressure.
  • Healthy living is about having fun and saving time, so try these cool abbreviations in your next text conversation.
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