Save energy and money using cold water

Save energy and money using cold water

We should all save water no matter which state we live in. Water is life!

California is suffering from lack of precipitation this year.

The drought continues. There just isn’t enough time for precipitation to accumulate to alleviate drought conditions.

California is experiencing  droughts after two successive years of below-normal precipitation.

We are now facing the reality that it will be a second dry year for California and that is having a significant impact on our water supply,” state water resources director Karla Nemeth said in late March as the state reduced projected deliveries of water to 5% of requested demand.

Take a step and save energy and money using cold water:


Please use cold water as much as possible when doing laundry and dishes.

1. Do your laundry after 7pm.

2. For your delicates, washing with cold water is the best.

3. Pre-treat for stains and allow clothes to soak before washing if they are heavily soiled.

4. Cold water will extend the life of your clothes and you will save energy.

5. Please try to hand wash as much as you can.

6. If you hand wash, use the rinse water for your indoor plants.

7. Make sure you wash your clothes with an all natural HE laundry detergent.

that is chemical-free.

7. Use the fast speed cycle to save energy and water.

Your clothes, mother nature and your wallet will thank you!

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