Hemp production is changing the global economy for the better

Hemp production is changing the global economy for the better

Hemp production is changing the global economy for the better

Legal hemp production is changing the global economy for the better, after an 80 year prohibition.

Industrial hemp was once a staple crop in America. It was a renewable and sustainable resource that was used in paper, textiles, cordage, and more.

Why is hemp illegal in America?

In 1937, hemp was banned in the United States. Because of its relationship to marijuana, the entire plant was criminalized and considered dangerous. For those who don’t know, marijuana is derived from hemp.

However, over the past few decades, activists have been pushing hemp, showing how versatile it is as a medicine, oil, fiber, and so much more.

Canada, which is one of the leaders in the movement to legalize hemp, is already making $1 billion a year in hemp sales. Many countries, seeing its effect on Canada’s economy are following suit. Hemp production is changing the global economy for the better.

In 2014, president Barack Obama signed a bill making help legal for research purposes.

Rick Trojan, founder of grassroots movement Hemp Road Trip, has been working hard to get the U.S. government to pass the Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2015. This would make it legal to grow hemp for manufacturing in a number of products.

What are some the benefits of legalizing hemp?

Hemp, as a rotational crop, leaves the ground better than it found it,” Trojan told KSNT.com in Kansas. “It is also a great alternative for farmers.”

A change in federal policy to once again allow hemp farming would mean instant job creation, among many other economic and environmental benefits,” says Tom Murphy, the National Outreach Coordinator of Vote Hemp.

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