San Francisco Symphony: A night of electrifying music featuring Garrick Ohlsson

San Francisco Symphony: A night of electrifying music featuring Garrick Ohlsson

On October 10th we were delighted to attend a beautiful performance at the San Francisco Symphony.

It featured Steven Stucky’s Jeu De Timbres,  Bartók’s “ The Miraculous Mandarin,” and Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No. 3 in D minor.

The first piece was from Steven Stucky’s Jeu de timbres (2003) and conducted by Juraj Valcuha.  Stucky’s extensive catalogue of compositions ranges from large-scale orchestral works to solo piano pieces.

Jeu de timbres started on a high note and energy. It set the standard for the night.

It is a piece everybody can relate to with a very modern twist to it, yet it contains hidden lyrical shadows. The piece “featured fluttering woodwinds and shivering strings.”

With its powerful beat and flawless execution Valcuha brought the crowd to its feet for a standing ovation.

The second part if of the performance was The Miraculous Mandarin, Pantomime in One Act, Opus 19, by Bela Bartok.

The music was whimsical, magnetic, attractive with some Oriental notes in the Trombones. Flutes, clarinets, timpani, violins told us the story of three tramps who force a girl to seduce men in order to steal their money.

The music was unveiling the story with eight powerful cello’s, falling oboe and memorable glissando from the basses. We felt the intensity of the story and succumbed to its powerful chaos and violence.

The third piece of the night was the Concerto No 3 in D minor for Piano and Orchestra, Opus 3. Played by world Garrick Ohlsson.

Piano concertos by Sergey Rachmaninoff are popular and well known, not only by music connoisseurs but by almost everyone.

The Third Concerto is a truly phenomenal piece, it is “more comfortable”, than the Second Concerto, but still technically difficult.

One could hear a gentle dialogue between the piano and orchestra with amazing passages, elegantly and brilliantly executed by Garrick Ohlsson.

Time stopped, while the music fulfilled our hearts, souls and spirits.

Shall we say: it was “floating” around us and embracing us all with its beauty.

We were enthralled.

After his electrifying performance showcasing his virtuosity Ohlsson ended the evening with an encore, Debussy’s Clair de lune, giving a genuine gift to the grateful audience.

We left with the music resounding in our hearts and dreaming of more…

It was indeed a memorable performance.

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