Credit: © Alstom / Michael Wittwer

Credit: © Alstom / Michael Wittwer

Germany has unveiled hydrogen-powered train that only emits steam

Germany has unveiled hydrogen-powered train that only emits steam, which is a groundbreaking accomplishment for the future of the environment.

The climate is changing around us, and not for the better.

According to the NRDC:

Climate change is the greatest humanitarian crisis of our time, responsible for rising seas, raging storms, searing heat, ferocious fires, severe drought, and punishing floods. It threatens our health, communities, economy, and national security.

Global warming is caused by carbon dioxide pollution and other air pollution that collects in the atmosphere, and traps the heat form the sun, causing the planet to heat up.

The new train, known as the Coradia iLint only emits steam, and is powered by hydrogen. It is an environmentally friendly alternative to the countries many diesel based trains.

It’s so clean you can breathe it in,” said Stefan Schrank, the train’s project manager at Alstom, a French company.

Lower Saxony has already ordered 14 of them, and they should become more common based on how it succeeds, reports Die Welt.

The hydrail can travel almost 500 miles per day with a top speed of about 87 mph. It is extremely quiet, except for the sound of wind resistance and the rails.

In the latest test, the train just reached short of 50 mph, so further tests need to be conducted to ensure safety at higher speeds.

This test run is a significant milestone in environmental protection and technical innovation,” said Didier Pfleger, vice president of Alstom in Germany and Austria, according to The Telegraph.

With the Coradia iLint and its fuel cell technology, Alstom is the first railway manufacturer to offer a zero-emission alternative for mass transit trains.”

According to Digital Trends, after more tests, the train is expected to be open to the public later this year on the Buxtehude-Bremervörde-Bremerhaven-Cuxhaven line in Lower Saxony, Germany.

Alstom is proud to launch a breakthrough innovation in the field of clean transportation,” said Alstom CEO Henri Poupart-Lafarge, in a statement.

It shows our ability to work in close collaboration with our customers and develop a train in only two years.”

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