PG&E will close California’s last nuclear plant Diablo Canyon

PG&E will close California’s last nuclear plant Diablo Canyon

PG&E will close California’s last nuclear plant Diablo Canyon

PG&E will close California’s last nuclear plant Diablo Canyon, according to a recent announcement. California, which is the sixth greatest economy in the world is now nuclear free, and has replaced all nuclear energy with renewable sources.

The PG&E statement reported the following:

“Reflecting California’s changing energy landscape, PG&E today announced a Joint Proposal with labor and leading environmental organizations that would increase investment in energy efficiency, renewables and storage beyond current state mandates while phasing out PG&E’s production of nuclear power in California by 2025.”

According to the NRDC, the joint proposal could save up to $1 billion in customers money:

Energy efficiency and clean renewable energy from the wind and sun can replace aging nuclear plants — and this proves it. The key is taking the time to plan. Nuclear power versus fossil fuels is a false choice based on yesterday’s options,” said NRDC President Rhea Suh. “The Diablo Canyon solution is the way of the future. Even as nuclear plants near retirement, we can cut our carbon footprint with energy efficiency and renewable power. Our families, our businesses and our children will be the better for it.”

Part of the Join Proposal is a commitment by PG&E to reach the goal of 55% overall renewable energy by 2031, an “unprecedented voluntary commitment by a major US energy company.”

PG&E president weighs in

California’s energy landscape is changing dramatically with energy efficiency, renewables and storage being central to the state’s energy policy. As we make this transition, Diablo Canyon’s full output will no longer be required. As a result, we will not seek to relicense the facility beyond 2025 pending approval of the joint energy proposal. Importantly, this proposal recognizes the value of GHG-free nuclear power as an important bridge strategy to help ensure that power remains affordable and reliable and that we do not increase the use of fossil fuels while supporting California’s vision for the future,” said PG&E Corporation Chairman, CEO and President Tony Earley.

The statement announcing that PG&E will close California’s last nuclear plant Diablo Canyon was published on PG&E’s website.

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