Bradceuticals: A leader in Mesenchymal Stem Cell Serums

Bradceuticals: A leader in Mesenchymal Stem Cell Serums

Bradceuticals: A leader in Mesenchymal Stem Cell Serums.
Due to the popularity of our recent microneedling article and the many requests, we approached skin care expert Mira Aguirre, to share her knowledge about growth factors who are the trend in skin care. Mira helped us discover an amazing skin care brand named Bradceuticals which focuses on growth factors.
One of their flagship product is the: Bradceuticals Mesenchymal Stem Cell Anti Aging Serum
This is what Mira Aguirre shared with us:
Growth factors seem to be in every new skincare product  from the professional skincare lines you see in medical spas to popular Korean brands.
But before we can even begin to discuss growth factor serums, we should probably delve into what a growth factor is. Many of you may not even know what exactly that amazing ingredient you’re rubbing on your face is.
First let’s delve in the science part:
I’ll try and make it  painless for anyone who isn’t a complete skincare nerd like yours truly.
Growth factors are signaling molecules found inside the body. Typically proteins, they regulate most important functions that relate to our cells like cell division. Within the skin, they’re critical in the wound healing process such as during treatments like microneedling where we create micro injuries so that growth factors are released and we stimulate fibroblasts to make more collagen.
So what about using them in skincare?
EGF serums seem to be sold everywhere, but the evidence behind this single growth factor can be a little sparse. After all, we never just have a single growth factor at work in our skin. This has led to the rising popularity of stem cell growth factors. Now fear not, there are no actual stem cells left in the final product. The adult stem cells are cultured and then removed, leaving behind a rich medium full of growth factors just like the ones used to repair skin and found in other important cellular processes. There is tons of research behind stem cell conditioned used both topically and after microneedling – it is great for everything from wound healing, skin disorders, hair loss, to skin rejuvenation.
But which product should one use? 
Is one a particular form of stem cell media better than another? Adipose and fibroblast derived conditioned media has less growth factors and may even be pro inflammation.
Meanwhile, mesenchymal stem cell conditioned media derived from donated adult bone marrow is anti inflammatory and has growth factors best suited for skin rejuvenation.
Until recently though, this was difficult to track down and the price point was high.
Enter Bradceuticals, the small family owned company I discovered last year that immediately impressed me with their customer service and incredible product. A fraction of the cost of other similar serums, Bradceuticals Mesenchymal line brought a much needed affordable option to the market.
How to use:
I suggest the original Green version for everyday and the higher strength Gold version after treatments like microneedling. Layer with other water based products like serums and wait 20-30 min if combining with ascorbic acid or prescription retinoids. It’s been a game changer for my skin and many others in the Penn Smith Skincare Community on Facebook which I am a part of and help manage.
Note: Our office raves about these products and uses them as well. Bradceuticals  upgraded the Gold 60% with more actives, such as  3% DMAE bitartrate and more peptides.
For more and where to get: 
Content of article courtesy of Mira Aguirre Skin Expert.

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