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Immune-boosting chicken and lentil soup

(via Skinny Taste) This immune-boosting chicken and lentil soup is a comforting recipe to help you wrap off viruses. Souping is the new juicing. We love soups because they warm the soul, especially during the colder part of the year. All the nutritious ingredients come together and are alive in the […]

by May 20, 2020
Healing kale and garlic soup

Healing kale and garlic soup

Many say “souping” is the new juicing. The great thing about soup is that it is easy to make, and it combines all the nutrients in the healthy foods that you use and keeps them alive and potent in the bowl. This healing kale and garlic soup recipe is packed with […]

by December 21, 2019
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Flu-fighting mushroom and bok choy soup

This flu-fighting mushroom and bok choy soup is packed with potent immune-boosting foods to keep you healthy during flu season. This year’s flu season has been one of the worst, and it is still spreading. According to TIME: Flu activity has increased throughout the United States as of the second week […]

by October 9, 2019
Cholesterol-lowering black bean soup

Cholesterol-lowering black bean soup

Soup, like smoothies and juices are a great way of combining multiple healthy ingredients into one. This makes soups a very convenient food, and keeps the health benefits alive and potent. This cholesterol-lowering black bean soup is packed with the powerful benefits of legumes, herbs, and vegetables. Let’s take a […]

by April 4, 2018