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New technique detects glaucoma early

New technique detects glaucoma early

Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness in the United States. “Glaucoma is not just one eye disease, but a group of eye conditions resulting in optic nerve damage, which may cause loss of vision,” states Mayo Clinic, “abnormally high pressure inside your eye (intraocular pressure) usually, but […]

by October 28, 2013
Dr. Ralph Homan

The passing of Omega-3 Pioneer: Dr. Ralph Homan

Dr Ralph Homan upon his passing last week was remembered as a talented, dedicated, humble scientist and mentor. Dr. Holman was a deeply spiritual person who, inspired by the alpha and omega of the Bible, awarded essential fatty acids their “omega” titles. As author Susan Allport explained in her profile […]

by August 23, 2012