One tablespoon of coconut oil provides powerful health effects

One tablespoon of coconut oil provides powerful health effects

Coconut oil has many surprising health benefits. Most of use grew up considering fats like coconut oil to be unhealthy and to be contributors to heart disease.

Coconut oil is composed of a group of unique fat molecules known as medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA). Although they are technically classified as saturated fats, this kind fat can actually protect the heart.

New research shows that one tablespoon of coconut oil provides powerful health effects.

The recent research shows that a diet rich in coconut oil increases HDL cholesterol, which is the good type of cholesterol, decreases body mass index, and reduces risk of coronary artery disease in patients.

As written in the study abstract:

The mean age of the population was 62.4 ± 7.7 years, 63.2% male, 70% elderly, 77.6% infarcted, 52.6% with angina, hypertension and dyslipidemia 100%. In the first stage the nutritional treatment reduced body weight, WC, BMI and PP and insulin concentrations, HbA1C, HOMA-IR and QUICK, without changing the other parameters. In the second stage of the study, it was observed that the GDOC maintained the reduction of body mass, BMI, WC, with a significant difference between groups for DC (-2.1 ± 2,7cm; p < 0.01). In addition, there was an increase in HDL-C concentrations, Apo A, with significant difference in GD, only for HDL-C (3.1 ± 7.4 mg/dL; p = 0.02).”

The participants who were given coconut oil showed a reduction in weight, body mass index, waist circumference, neck perimeter, and blood pressure. They also saw an increase in HDL cholesterol.

The researchers concluded: “Nonpharmacological interventions are essential for risk factor control in secondary prevention among patients with coronary disease. Our study showed that a diet rich in extra virgin coconut oil seems to favor the reduction of WC and the increase of HDL-C concentrations, aiding with secondary prevention for CAD patients.”

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