Fish oil to help heal bed sores

Fish oil to help heal bed sores

  • Pressure ulcers or more commonly known as bedsores occur very often in patients who are critically ill and bed-ridden.
  • These sores occur because of the constant pressure on the skin and tissue underneath when in bed or a wheelchair for long periods of time. The cause of pressure ulcers is pressure applied to soft tissue so that blood flow to the soft tissue is completely or partially obstructed.
  • Pressure ulcers need to be caught and treated early because they are prone to infection and very painful.
  • Professor Pierre Singer, Ph.D. along with a team conducted a clinical trial to find if fish oil could help heal bedsores quicker.
  • The study:
  • The team conducted a study with 40 randomized critically ill patients.
  • Half the patients were given the standard hospital diet, while the other half had 8 grams of fish oil added to their daily diet.
  • The trial came up with the following results:
  •  The fish oil strengthened the immune system and reduced the inflammation throughout the entire body.
  • Using the standard Pressure Ulcer Scale for Healing, the team observed a 20-25 percent drop in pain and discomfort from bedsores.
  • Professor Singer stated, “We saw a modification in the expression of a group of molecules associated with directing leukocytes, or white blood cells, in the direction of the wound, which could explain the improved healing.”
  • The researchers also found that the fish oil significantly decreased C-reactive protein in the blood, which is linked to inflammation, rheumatic diseases, tissue injury, necrosis, and more.
  • For the entire article.
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