Best repellent recipes to get rid of raccoons

Best repellent recipes to get rid of raccoons

  • Healthy Living is a life style. It is about the food you eat, the hair and skin care you use and last but not least the natural solutions you use to clean and take care of your home and garden.
  • If you have kids and pets this is one more reason why you should opt for healthy options and avoid commercial pest control products.Make your own repellents and control what goes in your home and garden.This is key to healthy living.
  • With this in mind we the best repellent recipes to get rid of raccoons.
  • Raccoons come alone or as a group and they are not “garden friendly”.
  • They can cause damage, ruin plants and leave a real mess behind them.
  • Raccoons have been known to carry rabies and may attack when threatened, but the Humane Society of the United States reminds us not to panic when seeing a raccoon during the day: “It isn’t uncommon for a healthy raccoon to be active in the daytime, but it’s highly unusual for a raccoon to be aggressive toward a person. A female may boldly defend her young, arching her back and growling or giving a loud “whoof,” and perhaps lunging at a person she deems threatening. Only very rarely will a raccoon chase after someone seen as threatening.”
  • However, since they do cause damage and will even rummage through trash (they are scavengers), it is best to keep them away from your property.
  • We have natural repellents and tips for you that won’t harm raccoons, but will deer them right away!
  • Raccoons hate cayenne pepper and habanero chilies.
  • Cayenne pepper and habanero repellent:
  • Boil one cup of cayenne pepper and 5 chopped habanero chilies with water in a pot
  • Let it cool
  • Transfer it into a spray bottle
  • Squirt the solution where you suspect raccoon activity
  • Reapply every 3 to 5 days
  • Apple cider vinegar repellent:
  • Place a rag in a bowl with apple cider vinegar
  • Let the rag get soaked overnight
  • Place the dish where raccoons are a problem
  • TIPS: Keep your garbage cans as clean as possible, clean them with equal parts of warm water and white distilled vinegar. The smell will deter raccoons and disinfect the cans at the same time.
  • Remove debris and keep your garden clean.
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  1. Hi. I have been making my own habanero pepper spray by grinding up the fresh peppers in water in the food processor then straining it through a coffee filter into a 32 oz old Windex bottle. It’s been about 2.5 months and I have not had one problem so far with squirrels or chipmunks under the hood of the car. I pulled out the under hood filter (engine filter?) and sprayed it as well as the cabin air filter (Not you don’t smell peppers aftewards). I also pulled the hoodliner down and sprayed inside of it and sprayed on the hoodliner and all the rubber hosing under the hood. I’ve sprayed 4 times in 2.5 months. Additionally for those of you that don’t mind moth balls, I did hang some moth balls on either side of the engine with some panty-hose (available at Walgreens!) and bread ties. I made re-fillable panty hose sachets out of it. You don’t smell the moth balls in the cabin either, in case anyone’s wondering. I’ve had only moth balls in the past with no pepper spray and still had issues. So I think the pepper spray is proving to be really powerful stuff. I haven’t had one issue so far. But I live in NH so this winter when it gets -15F out or colder will be the real test. I will post an update then.

  2. The ideas are very good and worth trying my only concern is that I hope it will not shoo away my cats

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