Vital Choice Wild Seafood and Organics Dark Chocolate

Vital Choice Wild Seafood and Organics Dark Chocolate

Chocolate may reduce risk of stroke








  1. Karen Muir says:

    I have been consuming healthy dark chocolate 3 times daily since 2009. I have not been consuming store bought dark chocolate because it is processed through heating which destroys antioxidants. Plus the fact that ALL candy store chocolate includes ingredients that are NOT healthy, like sugar, wax, caffeine, and fillers.

    For maximum benefits I recommend eating Chocolate with the patented cold processing method.

    Here’s to your health!

  2. Happy to know that chocolates helps to reduce stroke. Awesome.

  3. I had the chance to try the dark chocoloate recently and I liked it. We even had some with red wine and boiy it was a great desert. It is certified organic which makes for a healthy experience. Thank you

  4. Good to know, love Chocolate. Good to know it it is healthly for you too.

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